What Makes Me Click?

This thing about privacy and to spend all your time on Facebook. To get so addicted until the point where you live your life on there, you may be crossing the limit.

People who post more than 3 updates per day I punish with the "hide-button". I simply dont see any updates from some people who used to take up all the newsfeed all the time. 
Same thing with people complaining about not having enough time in their lifes, quit facebook-ing while working then. 
Another thing that turns me totally off is when people take polls or play games and post their scores. "I just got 455 points while playing the Bananagame" Do I really care? Whopps Shoops you´re gone from my newsfeed too.
Another danger could be to get too personal, write things that upset people. Found these two examples below. Seriously though that woman running down her cousin should take a chill-pill.

What turns me ON then? What makes me interested, what makes me CLICK?
Vacation photo albums, we like that. 
Funny updates of people making fun of themselves, "I feel ugly today. At the bus, next to 30 kids, do someone notice if I fart right now?" made me laugh the other day. Or "Best way to destroy your self esteem, having the period and going to a step class with 17 year olds. I feel fat and slow" These small everyday funny posts rank highly in my book, those get my Like. Important news or links is also a safe card.

Brands they need to start offering me something, SOON. Not just hey we are Zara and here is our latest collection.I want value, ADDED value. Check in get a discount. Share this to 3 people and you will get a free download. Vote on the best shoes and one person will go to Australia to play with dolphins. Those things get my attention.

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