I´m curious and furious.
In your country do you pay a part from the bills of the consumption, a service fee of anywhere in between 30-50 eur per year? Meaning paying the water company to be able to pay them? Paying them to be able to take care of their water pipes I guess? Paying the electricity company for their electricity cables so that THEY later can charge you the highest electricity prices in Europe.

In my bank in Sweden I have 3 accounts and I pay a yearly fee to be able to be with that bank. A part from that they give me a little bit of interest too every year. I think the deal is a win-win, It just feels FAIR.
Here I feel hit by a truck and then dragged behind it, stopping every 2 days realizing I have to pay road tax to be dragged on this road.

La Caixa. 4 accounts, service charges of more than 100 euros AND extra charges for the VISA cards, say again?! Oh sorry I forgot, ZERO interest.

My gym DIR is another example of being totally screwed over but just a little bit every time. THEY don't take any yearly service charge to let me pay them my money and use their facilities. Nono, they secretly increase the monthly fee about once every 6 months just a few cents or sometimes a euro or two, kind of hoping nobody will notice it. I didn't the first year but then I was like HEY I´m paying 10 eur more every month and nobody told me. I feel totally fooled and stupid and used and every word in the world that resembles the opposite of FAIRNESS.
If you make me pay a fee that is like going to a luxury gym in sweden and you always have at least 5 machines "Out Of Service", hair in the showers and you keep raising the prices all the time I´m gonna be pissed! You don't treat customers like that! THEY are the once who´s paying YOU. Treat them well damn it.

Oh and then its all the papers. Bank books/Check books, remember them? Didn't think so. 
I was 4 years old when they took them away.
Changing an account or a contract, here you go 25 pages sign on each page and fill out 150 questions, oh and then FAX them. Huh? Fax, I dont even know how a fax works, do you?
My firend recently changed bank and I this is the bunch of papers he had to sign (each and every one of them) to open an account. We put it on the weight scale and guess what, 2,8 kilos of papers! (almost)

Further more, If I call my bank and ask them to remove the 20 euro fee for a transaction they will do it. But if I don't remember it I´m screwed. I´m tired of having to do THEIR job. Take care of your stuff and I will handle mine.
"Oh well we cant have it done automatically", say what? If you don't have the IT systems to do it, then write a post it note and put it on a wall I don't care what you do but I don't wanna have to remember it for you. I already pay you enough to do SOMETHING.

Hey, fair is fair and I was always tought that all parties should feel the deal is good. There is not ONE winner and one looser in a business transaction. BOTH should feel good about it.
Wake up La Caixa and DIR. I´m leaving BOTH of you ASAP.

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