Picking The Wrong Line

Folks I HAVE money in my account its not my fault!

Tuesday night, grocery shopping day together with a hundred more people at the supermarket. Lovely.
Do you also get that feeling sometimes like "WHO would be so stupid to go christmas shopping the day before christmas and have to deal with all these people? And then you realize you´re just one of them. I had that feeling last night. Next time I´ll go in the morning (already said that one a few times).

Check out time and obviously I pay with my VISA card.
The card machine stands there and looks back at us like "Do I really have to process this now? What about tomorrow? I´m tired"
It doesn't have reception, it´s no joke. The poor guy finally has to leave the line of 30 people waiting and go physically OUTSIDE the store to search for reception, again no joke.

He was walking around like a police man with a metal detector looking for a hidden gun somewhere.
On the sidewalk perhaps? No, lets take 3 steps to the left to the middle of the street, oups hold on cars I have to make this portable visa machine work I have 30 people waiting inside. What if I hold it up in the sky and point it to the right?
The woman behind me has 3 apples and a bottle of soda to pay for. I can hear her screaming inside "BOY DID I PICK THE WRONG LINE TODAY!"
Can´t they just plug in a cable?
The guy coming back in after 10 minutes searching for reception outside

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