Social Media Check List

I have my "Social Media Check-List". A list that I have handy whenever I talk to a company who's thinking about stepping into the world of social media. I use it in the beginning of a project, to get all the info I need to be able to execute the job as great as possible.

Without answers to these questions, social media is simply something a company wanna join just because the think they need to. Not really understanding why or how.

So lets start with the more strategical list that was posted in this article Social Media Measurement: Moving forward with the data and tools at hand

Is my organization and my executive management team ready for social media marketing and branding?
Does everyone treat social media as a strategic effort or as an offshoot of marketing or PR/communications?
Where in the organization will social media reside?
Will I be able to allocate sufficient budget to social media efforts in our company?
How will social media discipline be aligned with HR, Technology, Customer Service, Sales, etc.?
What tools and technologies will I need to implement social media campaigns?
Will ‘social’ also include ‘mobile’?
How will we integrated SoMe marketing campaigns with existing, more ‘traditional’ marketing efforts?
How much organizational training will we need to implement in integrating ‘social’ within our enterprise?
Are we going to use ‘social’ for advertising and PR/Communications? What about ‘disaster recovery’ and ‘reputation management’?
My list falls under the different categories: Goals, Policies, Products, Platforms, Content, Content Flow, Promotions and Legal.

Goals is a pretty obvious one, don't need to go into details there. Under policies fall for example Time limits to response and company tone.

Under Product falls Product priority, product managers and new launches.

Platforms include things like who's admin for what platform, how to create a post-schedule and how to differentiate content for different platforms.

Under Content and Content flow I've put what content is available, what department owns what content, contact people and who approves what type of content.

Legal includes all those aspects that touch the legal issues, client confidentiality, how to treat personal information such as email databases e.t.c...

These are must-have's for any company who's serious about growing a profitable good working social media organization.

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