ThruSocial Facilitates Page Creation

Location Based Services, Social Deals and Mobile Marketing are probably the 3 things that interest me the most at the moment in the social media world.

Facebook Deals and Groupon offer companies the creation and mega distribution of deals. Deals that make people buy, that eventually increases sales.
Location Based Services also work well to increase sales but more I would locate this one in the Increase Brand Awareness bucket.

In the past I´ve looked to Wildfire when it comes to promotion apps. But they now also offers Group Deals.

Thrusocial is a new company that offers pre-paid coupons and a drag and drop page tab creation service,  all of this seems great. Please watch the video below and this article that includes more info.

However I must still say that the single most powerful thing of Facebook still is the newsfeed and the access to that makes a world of difference.  Groupon offers a massive distribution.
From a first look at this it seems like a good option for smaller businesses wanting to try out the world of group deals.
Further more I must mention that Thrusocial offers a kind of a promotion center called Thrupons where a company´s promotion can live and get updated automatically to the brand´s facebook page. NOTE! Seems this is U.S based so far cus when I entered my Barcelona zipcode I was asked if I wanted deals from New York. 
Anyway, this is something to keep your eyes on for sure...

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