Mid Manager Level Community Management

Found a great post about the new type of community manager. The picture below shows how a community manager should be connected to different departments of a company.
On the top line are the the support activities where the CM should be involved but more importantly we see on the lower line the Primary activities.
We clearly see the educational part where a CM should be closely in touch with HR to coordinate possible workshops communicate social activities within the company.
Corporate Culture refers to the Social Media Policy and the tone of voice that the company should stick to.

The tech department clearly is involved with developing apps for Facebook or smart phones. This department is an important one and should also be involved with installing the right tracking tools so that the campaigns can be measured.
Then we have Inbound Logistic where a bit of crisis planning and just general Issue Management have been placed.
Operations could include communication according to this picture and communication is clearly one of the most important departments for everything social media related. How do we coordinate internal and external communication and are we all on the same page?

Marketing and Sales. Together with Comm this is the other extra important department. Everything from how to transfer traditional marketing campaigns to Twitter messages or Youtube videos to everything that has to do with online advertising.
Lastly we have Service where according to this picture we find the community management, engagement and creating important strategic relationships with influencers and trend-setters.

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