L´Oreal Social Media Fail

There is this nail-polish that I always buy in Sweden and yesterday I decided that it´s ridiculous of me to have to buy it in Sweden when the brand is L´oreal which I should easily be able to find in a metropolitan city as Barcelona.
Let´s quickly examine how I did this, from the point of view of any typical customer. Oh well, the average customer may not blog about it but he/she would probably do what I did at first. 

1. Go to the web page

Guys is it just me or does this web page have the most ancient look ever. Check out the small boxes on the right side, awful. http://www.loreal.es
I try to find my nail polish but it´s nowhere to be found.

Nowhere on this web page exists any type of CONTACT tab. But all of a sudden I notice the Twitter icon at the button. Great I think, this means they are active on Twitter so I will be able to buy my nail polish as soon as tonight (cus everyone knows that a corporate Twitter account can not wait more than maximum 3 hours to answer a customer request).

2. I click on the Twitter icon and what pops up is the L´oreal Press account. Huuuhh? I think, Ok not what I expected but a Tweet account is always a Tweet account. I tweet them and they answer 12 hours later.
They tell me: We will answer any questions or doubts via this email address.
Here I get a bit put off and I´m thinking, Yeeez couldn't they just have answered me right there on Twitter. After all what I´m asking for is a store in Barcelona who sells L´oreal products. It´s not brain surgery.

3. I send an email to the email address and get an answer 2 hours later. Saying: Thanks for your email, we would love to answer your questions but it requires you to call a number and speak to us personally. Let´s reflect here for a second. Wouldn´t it be much cheaper and easier for them to just answer me with less than 140 letters in the form of a tweet. Sending out a personal letter? Who knows, maybe I will receive a paper letter too?

I´ll pass on this and I´ll move over to another brand. Simplicity folks, is what counts. We live in a society that moves fast. You have my attention for a quick moment. Catch me don´t lose me!


The worst web pages

You´ve gotta be freaking kidding me. And someone wonders why Spain is in CRISIS? We can´t even sell online.

I need to buy a vacum cleaner, so I go to http://www.mediamarkt.es, one of the biggest and most known places to buy these types of things.
I thought also, why not look for a dishwasher at the same time, I think the one we have could break down soon.
What am I looking for? Product, price and the nearest place to find it, right?
What do I find? The HISTORY of the dish washer. Who freaking invented it. Absolutely mind blowing. No price, no product, but yeaahhh now I know it was invented by a German guy named Jacob Christian Shaffern in 1767. Isn´t that just great?

So I go to the second option, Miro.es and there it´s even worse. They show me some weak web page full of flash ads and popups that make me think of a discotech in the 80s. The products can be added to your list, but cant be bought, and don´t show any prices!! WTF. C´mon people, we can do better than this!!!

The effectivness of this country is so low. Millions of people without jobs and the onces that DO have jobs they say they do need to create a new webpage...TOMORROW. Later, another day, not today, the sun is shining and the sangria is flowing.