Starbucks now offers the nation’s largest mobile payment network

Me love.

More than 3 million people have paid using Starbucks Card Mobile!

Starbucks Mobile Payment

Mobile Use In Numbers

Wow...these are some amazingly fascinating numbers.


Weekly top Foursquare Check-in Chart!

Location Location

I´ve had Foursquare for a while on my iPhone but just recently I started actually using it on a daily basis. It´s good, I like it more every day. I find way more deals there than on Facebook places.
And then we have Google places. Haven´t even tried it to be honest, I leave that to the Android peeps :-)
Here is an interesting article about the location-war.
I think this is should be an integral essential part of a companies marketing plan.

Google vs Facebook check-in War


It´s the CLIENTS world!

These are no news for you social savvy americans who have been first with all of this looong time ago but in Spain NOW is when the climate is starting to shift. Now is when the power is starting to go to the client, Now is when the companies here are starting to realize what this new world means. And they are terrified. They are hiring "social media managers" and "community managers" from the streets, people who claim to know what the hell they´re talking about just because they´ve been working at a media agency for 35 years.

The reason why I´m writing this post today is because I have 3 interesting case studies that have happened to me recently.
I bought an iMac about a year ago and it broke down 3 months later. I was frustrated when the Apple store didn't help me properly and when they ignored my delicate situation. I thought that 3 weeks in service was too long, I thought they should have supplied me with a computer during that time of waiting, I thought they should have explained better the Office package that I bought and that wasn't adequate for me. I thought many things, and I tweeted about it. ALOT.
It took the head quarters 3 days or so to realize they had an angry customer telling everyone to not buy things from K-tuin.
They called me up, apologized and almost rolled out a red carpet for me when I returned to the store to pick up my computer.

Next case.
A week ago my Sennheiser headphones stopped working, FOR THE 4TH TIME!
I have no problem paying good money for quality. I also understand that things break. Further more I do understand that I cant swim with my headphones so I´m not mistreating them in any way.
So after having returned the 100 eur headphones 3 times to the store I was fed up. FED UP with capital letters. Not only is the service place located on the other side of Barcelona, but a part from that I dont own a moto and I dont have time to go there, simple.
So I posted an angry post on their Facebook page. It took exactly 3 hours for Sennheiser North America to answer and 48 hours for the local Sennheiser service center in Barcelona to send me a new pair.

Next case.

We recently moved to a new apartment. I am 100% dependent on internet to do my job well. Therefore the first thing we did was ordering internet and telephone services, from Orange.
One week passed and we called them, "Hey, is someone going to contact us so we can get this installed?" "Oh Sir, it can take up to 2 weeks" Hm, ok...Oh well we kept waiting.
One week later we called again, "Seriously, when is someone going to come to install the phone line and internet??" "Oh Sir, it can take up to 20 more days" SAY WHAT?!!??? 20 MORE days are you kidding me??? Thats like 2 months including the weekends if we calculate from the day we ordered it. Should it really have to take that long?! Dont they WANT to earn money? A new customer, asking to pay them for their services and they sit on their asses and wait? NO WONDER THIS COUNTRY IS IN CRISIS. People just dont wanna work.

So what do you think I did? Yes you´re right, I tweeted about it. It took Orange less than 60 seconds to detect my tweet from their Tweetdeck app and they answered me. Lets see if we can have some internet at home soon.

So, conclusion folks? Its a clients market. We have the option to say what we want and pick what we want. This is the way it should be but in countries like Spain it hasn't been that way. Here to get in touch with a company you would have to call, sit in line for 3 hours, call back since after 3 hours you would find out the person in charge is out having a coffee, then wait 2 weeks since there would be some stupid public holiday in the mix that would make it more difficult.

YES I am a bit fed up.
Cheers people.


Changes in communication and media statistics


Its not about the number of followers

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