Facebook Winner In Spain - Maltesers

Here is a perfect example of a brand that is very predictible to have a lot of fans, without a lot of effort.
It´s clear that a consumer product such as Maltesers, Coca-Cola or Ben&Jerry's is going to attract a lot of people. It´s a pleasure consuming chocolate or ice-cream, and it´s a friendly brand.
But take a look at their Facebook page, they don´t do a lot, almost nothing. This page is in Spanish but I can tell you that the updates are nothing espectacular, there is no customized landing page and only one customized tab. The tab itself is a simple link to the webpage.
Don´t get me wrong here, they´re not doing something terribly wrong here, maybe the opposite. The page doesn´t give the impression that they have invested money into Facebook, but STILL they have almost 1 million fans. 
But this also makes you wonder, what COULD they achieve with a mandatory LIKE button for fans to access exclusive content, or at least some fun application that lets you play around with Maltesers...

Quick Social Numbers

Some quick numbers on a Thursday morning that I just received from SocialFresh
  • Social media and blogs continue to dominate our online time as consumers, on our computers AND phones
  • Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other site
  • Women watch more videos, men watch longer videos
  • 70% of social network users shop online
  • 53% of social network users follow brands
  • Tumblr is a new emerging social network, tripling it's audience this year
  • Social network users are more likely than other online consumers to be found at political rallies, sporting events, and at the gym