The worst web pages

You´ve gotta be freaking kidding me. And someone wonders why Spain is in CRISIS? We can´t even sell online.

I need to buy a vacum cleaner, so I go to http://www.mediamarkt.es, one of the biggest and most known places to buy these types of things.
I thought also, why not look for a dishwasher at the same time, I think the one we have could break down soon.
What am I looking for? Product, price and the nearest place to find it, right?
What do I find? The HISTORY of the dish washer. Who freaking invented it. Absolutely mind blowing. No price, no product, but yeaahhh now I know it was invented by a German guy named Jacob Christian Shaffern in 1767. Isn´t that just great?

So I go to the second option, Miro.es and there it´s even worse. They show me some weak web page full of flash ads and popups that make me think of a discotech in the 80s. The products can be added to your list, but cant be bought, and don´t show any prices!! WTF. C´mon people, we can do better than this!!!

The effectivness of this country is so low. Millions of people without jobs and the onces that DO have jobs they say they do need to create a new webpage...TOMORROW. Later, another day, not today, the sun is shining and the sangria is flowing.

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