What made me buy the ticket?

Tuesday reflections.

I fell for it. Advertising!
I am a living proof it works. But it was Youtube that made me buy the ticket, or was it?

Walking on the street a week ago I was suddenly faced with a big display ad on the side walk and Denzel Washington's eyes were staring at me. "Safe House. Premiere this Friday".
I'm a big fan of Denzel, especially "Bad Denzel", Training day Denzel makes me wonder why I ever left Los Angeles.
Entering Youtube 3 hours later the trailer literally throws itself at me and I press the repeat button 16 times. I also share it to everyone I know, posting it to all my social channels, sharing my passion for Denzel and his work. I even liked and rated the movie at IMDB before I saw it (!)

I keep saying it was Youtube that made me buy that movie ticket but the fact remains that I saw it first through a poster on the street. Also I have to admit I had no idea about this movie before I saw the ad.
If I wouldn't have been such a great Denzel fan or if I wouldnt spend so much time on Youtube I may not have seen the trailer. Would I have bought the ticket?

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