How Much HD Do I Need?

Yesterday while strolling around the streets of Barcelona, I stopped by one of those stores selling TVs, stereo equipment and cameras to check out the GoPro cameras.
Lately I've been watching too many crazy extreme sports videos, that in addition to starting the bike season with a couple of great excursions made me think I really should have one of those cameras that goes on top of your helmet.

Turns out the "new" version has not arrived yet to this store but either way I figure I'll investigate a bit about the differences of the "old" version (by old I mean like 6 months since it was released, no joke these guys put out new products faster than I change my socks).

The girl who helps me tells me that the new version shoots in HD. I'm confused, "Doesn't the old version also handle HD?" I ask thinking that if what I have seen the last months from GoPro is NOT HD then what the heck was it!?
"Yes it is, but this new one is even more HD". Yes, these are her exact words.
I'm even more confused. More HD? How much HD do I need? I'm fine with normal HD. I'm not going to show off my biking in a movie theatre any time soon.
"Oh, and it records in one stream instead of several smaller streams" the girl continues. I'm officially 100% off the track now.
I leave the store more confused than ever, wondering how many HD levels there are.
My conclusion is, if I don't know what the difference is in between HD and "more HD" and what it means to film in one stream then I probably don't need the new version.

I leave you this Sunday evening with a great video. As you can see, GoPro has a nice presence :-)
Happy Monday folks!

Experience Freedom from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

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