The Art of ENGAGING Posts

The reason why I am so passionate about social media marketing is first and foremost because its something that feels so close to my own natural behavior.
I've always believed that to sell something to someone you always have to start with them, not with yourself. Now, I think how do brands get to ME? How do I find out about exclusive offers, events and interesting happenings? Well it's not in magazines, rarely on TV and even more rarely through advertising OFFline. Instead it's while I'm surfing, it's through the Facebook newsfeed and through interesting Tweets.
Of course it's through connections offline too, friends having a glass of wine on a friday afternoon talking about this or that, sure that works too. But it almost always start OR end online.

I read an interesting article about how to create the perfect posts and it struck me that I think I very rarely go back to brand pages after I like them. I simply trust that they will get my attention through the Facebook newsfeed. And then some of them go ahead and screw up so heavily that I just feel the urge to share this link so that brands can stop writing a NOVEL in each post. Brands TALK to much.
Seriously, community managers and social media managers need to write short, sweet and engaging posts.
It's like when you receive an email from someone and as soon as you open it you see it's gonna take you a day to read it, what do you do? Put it on hold right? With a star next to it hoping to read it when "you have some time later". Sure that emails stays in the "too read" folder forever. It's now or never people.

We live in a fast information society. Information flows faster than ever before and the long, complicated, asking-me-to-fill-something-out stuff doesn't interest me. I wanna be engaged in a powerful, exciting and fast way. Why should I register to comment on a blog when it's so simple to just post through Facebook through the social plug-in?
Worth noting here too is that social media management is a 24/7 job and should be handled by a person who doesn't mind posting outside normal business hours for example. By doing so you may very well increase the engagement rate.

Below I have listed some examples of good and bad posts in my personal opinion.
Pay attention to the length, language and interaction rate.

When we're talking about NASA it's probable that the PHD students out there actually prefer this type of posts and the blonde ladies like myself just skip it. But come on, 21 likes? I think they could definitely do better than that. To me this is just Zzzz....
What do I want from NASA? I want the Did you know-type of questions. Exciting information about planets that I could have never imagined, black hole information that makes me go Wow, that is fascinating!
 Red Bull Bedroom Jam. Is this information interesting? To 3 people it seems...
 Here we go! Guess gives me something valuable for me, not for them. Also they communicate this i just a few words. It catches my attention.
This is a fun video teaching me to tie my turband (scarf) in different ways. Fun information to have right at the beginning of the summer. 316 likes. Not bad.
Expedia. To me this post is way too long. I get bored. Yes it has achieved 308 likes but if you compare it with the next post which has a clear value. Win a trip! and in much less words, this first post fades away pretty quickly.

Pepsi uses 8 words to achieve over 2000 likes and over 400 comments. Short, sweet and in a speaking casual language even including a smiley face. We don't want brands to talk to us. We wanna them to talk WITH us.

Who doesn't like Nutella? Simple post that makes me go straight to the kitchen to get my favorite jar in the whole world. Almost 4000 likes in 6 words.

Last example. Carnival Cruise Lines. If you compare these two posts it's pretty clear what works best. An engaging post including a question (and a PERSONAL one even!) gets over 1000 comments while the less engaging post only got 57.

The article about the art of creating the perfect post can be found here! 

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