How To Analyse Facebook Insights

If your goals and objectives with your Facebook marketing campaigns include Awareness or Loyalty, it's a good idea to know how to analyse the activities on your Facebook page.
Other social media platforms offer external tools, such as Hootsuite or TweetStats for Twitter. Facebook however offer their inhouse measuring tool, Facebook Insight. This is a powerfool tool and can be very useful. I wouldn't be surprised if Facebook sooner than later will roll out even more stats for page owners or maybe an optional pay-for extra service. Facebook Insight could very well be a direct competitor to Google Analytics soon.
So, it's important to know how to read all these numbers and what to do with them.
Yesterday I asked Mari Smith, the Facebook marketing guru of all times to give me some tips how to best read the Facebook Insight Stats. Or maybe not so much how to read them but how to analyze them. She answered me that it's a complex subject and apparently she talks a lot about it in her book Facebook Marketing 1 Hour Per Day so I bought it.

Let me list up what I know now and then I will tell you what I learned more from the book once I receive it.
Lets first mention what is called Impressions which you can see under each post as an admin. This number is the times that that post has been seen in the newsfeed and on your page. ALSO it includes the times the content has been viewed in social plug-ins maybe on your webpage for example.

Next to Impressions you see Feedback. Now here is the math:  Lets say my post has 1502 Impressions, and 0,67% Feedback and 10 Likes. It all ads up by taking 0.67% of 1502=10.
For those of you who didn't do well in the math classes you can use this simple tool: Online Calculator Percentage

Monthly Fan growth. Document the number of fans the 1st of each month to see the growth cycle. Important to watch for are spikes and then go back to those dates and see what happened that day. Did you post something special? Did your company have a TV campaign run that week?
Go to Insight and click on the USERS section.

Number of Likes and Comments.
This is a number to measure engagement. Good tool to use to know what content works good and what does not work good.

Important stat to use to go back and look at days when there was a spike. Did we post too much that day?

Total Tab Views (Under the Users section too)
What tabs get most views? This could help you determine your landing page and content strategy. If the Video tab gets a lot of views maybe that's where you should put your energy...

Another interesting metric is to find out how many of your fans actually come back to your page.
This is how you find out. Take the number of page views, subtract the number of unique page views and you will get the number of returning fans. In my example below I had 127 returning fans on May 14th.

Page Growth Rate is calculated by taking the number of New Likes (My case last month was 406) MINUS Unlikes which you can see here was 97.  My May number would therefore be 309. This number I would write down and compare to next months number.

Other things to measure could be mentions of your brand or demographics.
These are my points for Insight. Lets see what Mari Smith can teach me with her book :-)

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  1. Great post! :)

    A very important metric is to find out how many of your fans actually come back to your page because that is one of the keys which affect the edge rank of the user.

    Looking forward to know if you liked Facebook Marketing 1 Hour Per Day

  2. Thank you Mattias :-) Totally agreed on your point. Especially since some people say that as much as 90% of people never return to a FB page after having pushed the Like button.
    Will let you know what I think about the book!
    Have a great night. Barca is boiling with the CL celebrations still going on!!!!!!

  3. Cool stuff,

    very interesting!