How To Gain Twitter Followers

How do you kick off a Twitter presence? How do you gain Twitter followers? You sit there and you're ready to start but you don't have any or very few followers, what should you do?

A brand is usually on Twitter to be able to spread it's advertising messages, deals, support and offers to a large number of people.
The objectives you may want to ashieve could be retweets, more followers, click-throughs to other pages and of-course redemption of offers. You may want to be thought of as a leader in your industry, or as the company with the best customer support.
You sit there with your business or brand and you have carefully crafted a content-plan, you have listed your objective and started with Sales, Awareness or Loyalty. You have a tweet schedule and a structure about everything from Tweet timing and a content map to time limits of answering people and much more.
Now, how do you gain Twitter followers?

First of all make sure people KNOW you are on Twitter. Integrate the Twitter button on your webpage, on you blog and on your Facebook page.
Post Twitter buttons and perhaps a link to the latest tweet in your email signature, AND in your colleagues signatures too. Make sure the company is with you and support you.

Another smart thing you can do is to search topics that relate to your industry on Twitter.
Now my suggestion is to create search lists within Twitter and monitor them. Look for questions related to your brand or product, answer them and engage with them. Talk in a human way. Don't over market, don't focus just on your brand, talk about other brands and ALWAYS listen first and talk later.

Another part is to find Influencers which I would use Exportly to do. Find the people with the most followers and simply monitor them, retweet them and eventually contact them! Are they incredibly important? Make a deal with them, see if they like your brand and would be willing to collaborate with you. Reaching his or her followers can be a big deal to your brand.
You can also list your bran in so called Twitter Directories. It makes it easier for people to find you based on the sector/industry you're in. Popular Twitter directories are: http://justtweetit.com and http://wefollow.com

Tomorrow I will talk about how to gain Facebook LIKES!

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