Loving Apple

As I pulled up my VISA card I thought to myself, "I really don´t need an iPad, but I want one so badly". I already have 2 MacBooks, one iMac, 2 iPods, one iPod Touch and one iPhone 4 at home. Did I really need an iPad2? Absolutely not! Could I do everything I need on my other devices? Absolutely yes. But I can almost feel an urge to spend money on Apple products when I enter an Apple store. All the whiteness and cleanness wakes something up inside of me .
They feel like my friends, my amazing friends that make my digital life both easier an a hell of a lot cooler.

This is succeeding big time as a brand. Making people feel the urge to spend money on your products without them even needing them!

AS ALWAYS after having bought a new Apple product I came home, started it up and now I don´t know how I could have lived without this amazing beauty before. I just discovered some cool apps and I´m sure that within a week I will be even more hooked.
What makes this brand so incredibly great then? Simplicity, Design and Customer Service. Always easy to use, fast and smooth functionality. Gorgeous designs and the more the better, all products fit perfectly together. 10 point customer service. Always when I call Apple I start by telling them that they work at the coolest company in the world, respect.
Apple! If you´re listening I´m your brand ambassador number one.
Gotta get back to discovering all the fantastic features on my leather covered new friend :-)

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