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I just tried out the pro version of ReTweet Rank. It´s a simple tool to help you see who retweets you, what time people retweet you, best day to post to get retweets e.t.c. Also it gives you a percentage score on your influence, a bit like Klout does.
It´s neat little thing, simple and easy to use. 9USD per month for the pro version, there is a free version and also a 3USD per month version as well as the superversion for 50usd per month.
14 day free trial.
What I personally like most about this tool is the Most retweeted words as well as The best time to tweet stats.

More info below.

Retweet Rank looks up all recent retweets, number of followers, friends and lists of a user. It then compares these numbers with those of other users' and assigns a rank. So, if you get a retweet rank of 4,500 for instance, that means you are the 4,500th most influential person on Twitter.
What is percentile?
Percentile score indicates how do you score relative to other twitter users. It ranges from 0-100.


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