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Facebook and Twitter in all honor but the third giant should not be forgotten. The majority of the people out there don't know the details of Youtube though, me included. But I have spent some time listening to a session on the Social Media Success Summit by Greg Jarboe and I learned a thing or two that I will share here.

Some facts!
Youtube accounts for 84% of online video.
Hulu gets 3,5% of online video visits.
Google video doesnt let you upload videos.
Conclusion: Focus on Youtube.

The typical video on Youtube gets 100 views. Keep this in mind and use the tools and tips to optimize your video for Youtube search which is different than Google search.
The typical video is watched for 60 seconds and then people tune out. This means your video needs to be extremely engaging and you need to include important info in the beginning.

USE the description and title field well and describe as much as you can. All words will help you get found.
Also use the Youtube keyword tool and make sure you include the suggested keywords in the tags, description or title.

Let people embed the video on their their sites.
Use the Insight section well, especially take a look at the HOTSPOT section which lets you see how a certain video is resonating with your audience.
Promote your video on other outposts such as on your website e.t.c.
Check out the Youtube blog for news and inspiration! http://youtube-global.blogspot.com and also Creators Corner: http://www.youtube.com/t/creators_corner

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