16 Important Tips For Bloggers

Use a blog to attract new customers, generate web traffic, open up new markets, lead generation, create and establish thought leadership or any other reason that is beneficial for your business.

First of all you need to decide the format. Is it going to be a corporate blog? What are the objectives with this blog? Increase sales? Be a story forum where people can leave their ideas (Like the My Starbucks Idea for example), is it to communicate press releases or stories?
Content is the main issue for many people. What do I blog about?
Important things to remember is to be a solution provider and do it in an easy and fun way/language.

Great content is:
Unique, useful, fun, well executed and it matches the media channel.

Also, from one piece of content you can pull out various posts. From 1 podcast you can for example make 1 tweet, one print article, 1 Facebook post, one blog post and one guest blog.

You can measure your blog with Google Analytics or Hubspot for example...
Here are some important bullet points to keep in mind.

  • Create Valuable Content
  • Leverage employees. Are there bloggers in the company?
  • Create a "backoffice marketing team" with people inside the company commenting on the blog, retweeting certain posts e.t.c.
  • Where are your customers online? GO to the customers and spread word. Pick the top 10-15 blogs in your niche. Read the blogs and start comment and provide info and links to your blog.
  • Be the Linked In or Yahoo Answers expert.
  • Use killer headlines!
  • Focus on the customers pain point and deliver solutions
  • Focus on keyword search (use Google external search)
  • Use numbers in the title (Like I am doing here! People love "10 ways to blablabla"...
  • Be specific. Find your niche.
  • Use bullets and use short sentences as well as short paragraphs. Get to the point fast.
  • Edit and use an experienced copywriter
  • Guest blog and invite guest bloggers
  • Promote key influencers
  • Explore video blogging and embed on your website
  • Create a Content Media Calender
    1/day -Twitter, FB, Blog
    1/week - newsletter
    1/month - Webinar 
    2/year Event

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