Present The Deals Where The Customer Is

I got 3 emails from Groupon yesterday and one from Groupalia. Honestly it's just too much. Love the service but 4 emails in one day, with offers that I only found half interesting... I'm not sold, I will unsubscribe tomorrow morning or at least see if I can limit them to send me one weekly email with the latest offers.

This all comes back to what I have been saying before. The Facebook newsfeed is the best thing ever invented. Will Groupon make me visit their site? I doubt it, so their only way to present me the deals is through emails.
Will a check-in Location Based Service such as Foursquare make me visit them, yes. Why? Because it's easy through their mobile app. Why doesn't Groupon have an app?
Isn't all tech services and products about making life easier for the customer these days? Camera, MP3 player and phone in one, home cinemas with internet connections, GPS in the mobile...
The thought of not having to leave Facebook is pretty comfortable to me. If I can get my deals straight from there, why spend 10 minutes going through emails with offers from Groupon, Gowalla or any other service for that matter?
Facebook seems to focus on social experiences. Maybe this is what will differentiate them from other deal services. Maybe I will go to Groupon for a discount on a new iMac, or a discount on a restaurant but will stay on Facebook to know the latest deals on the new movie that opens next week or what's the exclusive barbeque party all about.
It's not clear though, almost all the deals I have received from Groupon so far have been experiences too. Even though some of them did sound interesting, the adventure rafting for examples, Groupon misses out on the interaction part. I can't see if any of my friends are talking about this experience, I can't discuss is easily just by clicking share and instantaneously have ALL of my network right there.

This interview is with Emily White, Senior of Local at Facebook. She explains the concept well and it's worth reading.

Two things she said:

“Let’s create something that really takes advantage of normal human behavior, and at the same time is really good for businesses”

“We’re really going for ease of use,” White said. “You’re able to discover a deal in your News Feed rather than go through 10 new daily deal emails. We’re adding value or actually your friends are adding value. Credits are the same way. It’s not about pushing Credits.”

To read the full interview Click here!

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