If I Owned MySpace

One of this weeks biggest news in the world of Social Media was as you probably already know that MySpace is now for sale.
News Corp is giving up. They tried to join the big monster (Facebook) and work with them just didn´t go as they would have hoped for.

I thought for a brief second, if I had XXX million dollars and would buy it, what would I do with it?
MySpace, say it out loud. My own space. Maybe a file hosting website? A food site? Or maybe not since Yahoo just rolled out their FOODILY site which seems very promising. 
What about a travel portal. My Space In The World. My house, My Office, my world. Maybe an interactive webportal á la Second Life.

What will happen with all the artists on there?
My bet is that any of the search engines will buy it, Google? But then again, Google doesnt really need MySpace. Does anyone need Myspace? It´s like buying a PC when you already have a Mac, or like buying an Opel when you already have an Audi.

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