Flickr, who the hell uses that?

I was asked the other day for a work projects if we should include Flickr in our strategy.
My first thought was "Flickr, is that still around?" next thought was "I hardly know how to work with Flickr cus its just so not for me" but then I had a long thought about it. Do I know ANYONE who uses Flickr? No. Oh sorry, I know 1 person who´s a pro photographer and uses it but the mainstreem Facebook addicts out there dont really see the need do we?
With all my photo apps in the phone I´m satisfied and if I wanna share something I do it where everybody is, on Facebook.
After having read two articles about it, one of them being from the New York Times I was convinced.

“Traffic is shrinking. Unique visitors to Flickr in the United States fell 16 percent, to 21.3 million, in December compared with a year earlier, according to comscore. 
Meanwhile, for that same time frame, use of Facebook’s photo features grew 92 percent, to 123.9 million users”

Click here to read the article

I remember I tried to get into the whole Flickr thing a while back but it was just complicated and boring, create a group what? Add to that ZERO people to share my stuff with so I dumped it.

Facebook gives me all I need. I have it in the background all the time, "People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook" (from Facebook statistics page)

Better to well on a few and important platforms than be everywhere in my opinion.

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