Just a short note and polite respectful greeting to Starbucks which in terms of social media is one of the kings. There is no doubt that the coffee giant have embraces social media on all levels and they do it well.
Just such a small thing as offering the FB free coffee deal without any restriction. I asked for soya milk in my free cappuccino yesterday and took up 40 cents since thats what you usually need to add to your regular coffee if you wanna twist the milk into a different alternative.
Nopp! All free, extra foam, extra soya, extra hot, extra all if I wanted to.

Oh and a short note also to say this whole Flipyourprofile sounds great but when I realized ONLY users who have installed the plug-in will see my profile video it kind of sucks. How many of my friends have it installed? ZERO.

Read about FlipYourProfile here

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