Facebook Facebook and Patatas Bravas

How many hours do YOU spend on Facebook? Personally I must be close to 5-6 per day now. Considering I work with the platforms on a daily basis it may not be strange and it most certainly does NOT say I DONT work, more the opposite.

Now they´re talking about a voice-chat in FB. Like having Skype inside the profile. And the Facebook currency system, "Buy with friends" soon we are never going to leave this platform. Our lives spin around it, we communicate through it, we find information through it, we get married through it, we break up through it, we laugh we cry we stay up to date with where the hell the world is spinning through it.

But what about in a country where the physical meeting part of a relationship still is very important? Where an email almost doesn't count as contacting someone, you have to call, twice, to have something done.

I am not criticizing Spain, I love it!
I love how we spend time together, outside, with a glass of wine, having sun almost every day of the year, enjoying the core pleasures in life.
I love how I can cancel a meeting last minute if I don't feel like going (even though I am still not doing this, I more like the THOUGHT that I possibly could :-).
I like that people don't take themselves too seriously like we do in the nordic countries. I love how there is no non-fat sour creame to find and their are only 2 choices of milk in terms of fat, half fat or full fat. I love the patatas bravas and the salsa that you enjoy with a cold beer...on a TUESDAY.

But where does this online revolution fit in in this society? My friends first reaction when Facebook rolled out their Places-feature was "THIS IS TERRIBLE! PEOPLE ARE GONNA KNOW WHERE I AM ALL THE TIME".
But today when I got a free coffee for checking in at Starbucks that same friend had to admit, it was preeetttty cool to get free stuff by pushing one single button.

I was surprised when I looked through a couple of apps in my phone to see who was on Viber and who had WhatsApp and realized half of them were Spanish (or Catalans, sorry :-)

So this makes me think people are going to move quickly here. Foursquare, Places, Gowalla and the rest are already pumping out locations, offers, badges everywhere here. The Mobile Congress is right here, the new generation of people here are going to adapt faster than ever to this.
We just need the old people to step down or hang out on the Costa Brava more and let us do what we do much better than they do.

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