Social Media Done Well

SouthWest Airlines do it good. They´ve been on Facebook and Twitter since 2007 and even before that they had a blog. Now they have 5 people handeling only Social Media full-time.
Further more this article talks about HOW they intergrate social media, how does the content flow work, through the communication or marketing departments? Or both? From who to who? Who´s responsibility is what?
As a social media manager I want content from the PR folks, I want news, press releases and that stuff from them. But just as important for me is the marketing department. To be involved in what campaigns are running on TV, what events are taking place and how can we intergrate and cross-promote all of them.

Social Media isnt something you can put an unqualified intern doing. It´s a big responsibility and it shouldn´t be something "on the side". It can dramatically change your company´s reputation and it can turn people against you just as it can turn them into great loyal fans.

There should be a clear strategy of who does what, what GOALS and objectives do we have? Increase sales? Get more fans on FB? Brand awarness? And a time schedule! Not just "Oh well we should do some contests on FB" What´s the purpose, How are we going to do it and When?

It´s like playing a football game but not knowing that the main point is to kick the ball into the goal. Whats the point then?

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