Hello? Anybody there? Can I pay please?

"Do you tip in Spain" my american friend asked me recently.
"oh..hm...well, a little bit I guess... But not like you´re used to with 15-20%" I answered.

Coming from a country where tip is included in the price I have always found it a bit confusing, when and how much to tip. Basically I go after the philosophy that if the service is good I tip. If not I don't.

The other day I had a drink at a restaurant, it took us 10 minutes just to get the attention of the waitress. Then another 10 minutes plus a walk up to the checkout to say "Can we please por favor pay? Possibly? Anyone? Please, double triple super please? SI US PLAU"

The life enjoying attitude in this country makes a whole bunch want to work as little as possible. Add to that extremely low salaries, AND no tip and you will get an idea of the service here.

But we have sun people, lots of it. And a blue ocean. Who WOULD want to work with that and the best cuisine of Europe in front of your nose?


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