Twitter ranks low on Brand Value

So I wrote a previous post about What Makes Me Click. Today i thought of What Makes Me Follow?

Its about Twitter now for you who didnt "follow" that one (yes I´m wearing the funny mask today)

Someone once told me "Twitter is like CNN says, Be The First To Know".
As a user I care about live updates on the spot, where it happens, where I would love to be but can´t be for some reason. An event on the other side of the planet, a concert that I was suppose to go to but couldn't go to cus I got stuck in bed with the flu, the mobile congress in barcelona that I would have loved to go to is I was a millionaire... Those type of things ya know...

This article shows that Twitter doesnt rank so high on security and brand value:

I have NO clue what the heck Myspace is even doing on the top 50 list but oh well...

Top Social Networking Sites Ranked By Brand Loyalty
1 Facebook
2 MySpace
3 LinkedIn
4 Flickr
5 Twitter

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