LBS Start Executing!

Location Based Services (LBS) are everywhere. We're talking Facebook Places and Foursquare mainly here, or at least those two are my personal choices.
Now this new study is showing us that 40% of smartphone users have adopted location based services. That's a big chunk of people.
So how can marketers integrate LBS into their Marketing Plan? First of all sign up, read, learn, check out what your competitors are doing. Secondly, register your business, claim your places and start thinking what strategy is best for you, what are your goals? What do you want to achieve?
Is it to make your customers return and maybe then offer every 10th check in a discount? Or is it to get new customers and perhaps offer a reward to the people who refer new customers? Do you wanna create an email database and ask people to leave their email addresses? Are you launching a new product and wanna get people to try it out with a Test type of promotion?
Then another piece of important information: A campaign doesn't carry out itself by showing up in one channel. Integration of your promotion on all channels is essential. SHOW people what you're doing on your website, on Twitter, on the TV add spot even! In your physical stores, post a note "CHECK IN ON FACEBOOK AND GET ACCESS TO EXCLUSIVE PROMOTIONS".
There is lots of stuff to do, but start thinking about it now if you haven't already!

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