Facebook Deals! It´s Live!

LBS and Deals. Am I repeating myself too much? Perhaps. But it´s easy to do that when you speak (or write) about something you´re passionate about.
This morning my man called me and the first thing he said was "With who are you having drinks at 10 in the morning?" Um..drinks? The only drinks I had today was a coffee at home and a glass of water in the office. I was confused for 5 seconds until I remembered I helped him install Foursquare yesterday.
He was obviously referring to the random test check-ins I did this morning while walking to the office discovering loyalty specials just while walking. I apparently checked into  Coppala Bar where you get a free tequila on your 3rd checkin. My twisted sense of humor thought that was funny.

Location is fun. Deals are great. Now Facebook is rolling out their Groupon/LivingSocial version and this is gonna be big. Perhaps even pushing the two already established giants off the market who knows.
The advantage Facebook obviously has is the market share and the already savvy 7hours per month user who prefers to stay at one place instead of moving around too much.

In my opinion one crucial thing for Facebook now is to make the deals relevant to each person. The newsfeed is a sensitive place, we unsubscribe and unfriend people more than ever before. We are getting more and more selective. You clog up my newsfeed either with too many updates or with stuff that is not fun or relevant to me? Bye-bye.
I´m into music and sports. So give me concert deals, download coupons and discounts on sports events.
It has great potential and I´m sure Facebook will kick this off in europe too before we know it.
Read more here: New York Times Facebook Deals

Have a good day and remember to check in :-)

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