I Like Facebook Real-Time Ads

Facebook owns You. Or if they don't already they will in the future. They're like this quiet mega giant swallowing us all without us even noticing it.

A friend of mine was "hanging out" with another friend yesterday and all of a sudden they realized they were sitting there with their two laptops not even talking to eachother. Instead commenting on eachothers pictures and status updates on Facebook.

Targeted advertising has never been so specific as now, but it will be MUCH more targeted in the future.
Imagine you're walking down the street and updating your FB status to "In the mood for a pizza" and you immediately get an ad saying that less than 2 minutes away there is a Domino's.
Or being at the post office waiting in line, putting "Never gonna go to the post office again, waiting in line forever" and you get an ad recommending you a new pick-up-mail service at home.
Or having waited 3 months for internet installation from http://www.orange.es and being so fed up that you post "Fed up with Orange, need internet NOW" and you see an ad of another internet company offering you 20mb within one week.
Real time ad targeting. The possibilities are endless.
Check this site to see a bit of what's possible already. Notice that you will see your friends on top since the algorithm takes care of that. RELEVANCY.

Some facts:

Facebook.com is the most popular website in U.S. history, by total usage.

Facebook is now bigger than Google in terms of total audience

The average user spends 15 or more hours per month on Facebook.

Facebook is now the largest seller of display advertising in the U.S. generating a staggering 770 billion page view per month.

Successful concepts and services that other companies do, Facebook already does or will do shortly after it's been introduced.

Facebook Events (evite)
Facebook Causes (various)
Facebook Places (foursquare)
Facebook Deals (groupon)
Facebook Credits (paypal)
Facebook Messages (email)
Facebook Mobile
…and the soon to be announced Facebook phone (iphone)

I had a discussion with a friend about this subject the other day. Maybe you've seen the invitations from people all over Facebook telling you to change your news feed settings so that you see ALL your friends instead of only "the friends you interact with the most". Some people were so angry when they realized this default setting. I was not. I totally prefer 10 times to see a smaller portion of the friends I'm actually interested in seeing. Yes, you're right, maybe I should "unfriend" the people I have no interest in but hey, once in a while I check their stuff too and in this sense I have a bit of Facebook-conflict-fear. "You unfriend ME, WHY?!" "Um..well I just didnt wanna see your updates every day".
The point here is I like to see a selection that fits me. I like for someone, Facebook or whoever to facilitate the ads that fit me the best.
Yes Facebook gets a TON of information of me, and YES Facebook owns my pictures for 25 years. SO WHAT?! What are they possibly gonna do with my pictures? Sell them? No. Use them in a porno magazine? No.
If they can make my life easier by offering me a place to fix my bike and maybe even with a discount JUST after I update my status "My bike just broke" I'm ALL for it.
It's almost impossible to NOT see ads in todays world. Now, if I'm gonna see ads them please target me with ads relevant to me.

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