Brand may not be social - But the customer is

"This is what social media is about!" I announced while stepping out of Mezzo Di Pasta exatcly 27 minutes ago. I haven´t even eaten there, ever.

Me and my boyfriend were on our way home after having had a great Friday dinner out in the best sushi restaurant in Barcelona, and almost at home we figured we should check out the new opened restaurant just 20 meters from our door. A fast food type of Mc Donalds place, but Italian.... Sounded interesting.
We stepped in and it was empty, bad sign.
My dad always used to tell me "Always check for the packed places". An empty place means nobody likes the place.. OR maybe people haven't discovered it yet? After all, this place was new, they just opened a few weeks ago.
To make a short story short, we walked up to the counter and explained that we were neighbors and just wanted to see what this place was all about.
A guy in this 20s behind the counter started sharing his passion for the brand and it was completely contagious.
We now know about all of the the company´s history and origin, menus, the combinations, the special deals, the fresh pasta and it´s ingredients and the cookies that seem extremely unique and tasty.
At the end the guy said: "You wanna have a taste just to know what we have here, for free?"
I was totally full after a huge dinner so I simply couldn't. But I walked out of there thinking, this guy is good, this guy is gonna make me come back for a take-away-coffee each morning from now on. This guy is going to make me write a blog post and THIS is what new business is about.
It´s not about Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. It's about treating your customers in a human and friendly way and having THAT behavior go viral.
Some companies may not even use social media, but the point is: Their customers are.

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