Quick Facebook Tips

Creating a good landing tab for your Facebook page can make an enormous difference in terms of getting new fans. You can design it so that NO-fans see one thing, and FANS see another thing. This can be easily done with a free app from for example Wildfireapp or Cool-tabs.

Here are a couple of examples of GREAT Facebook landing pages.

Skittles have integrated a small box at the top which informs the user of it´s 19 MILLION fans. Why is the genious? Because unless you scroll down you will see that impressive number.
Next I want to mention their updates. Look how short their posts are and how many comments and likes they get. Pepsi and Coca Cola goe down the same road. Less is more. Use short and engaging updates, preferably with a question now and then.
Always think about the screen view of the viewer. If you´re a designer or creative mega-screen user and you´re sitting with your massive 27 inch Apple screen you´re not going to see what the average user sees. Have a laptop next to you or ask to use your friends or colleagues computer to see what they see.

Another great landing tab can be enjoyed if you surf into the facebook page of  IdeaPaint. I just LOVE how they have integrated the links into the background.
The dowload gives you a coupon with the charmy message "Well arn´t you clever". Take-Away: Use a casual language. Facebook is as far away from a corporate website as you can possibly get.

Last I want to mention IdeaPoint´s Youtube tab. They have added a GREAT Facebook plugin and instead of SHARE this they use SEND which seems a bit more original.

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